Friday, December 30, 2005

Happy New Year 2006

It's that time of the year again. Seems like yesterday the clock strike midnite, resolutions made, Auld Lang Syne filled the air. But it wasn't yesterday, months have passed and time flies. Again, we r stepping into a new year with fresh hopes and possibilites, all new and exciting things to be planned and done. And owhh.. how can we forget, the New Year's Resolutions, or is it a New Year's Disillusions which can bring us to a New Year's Depression (coz the very morning (1st Januari 2006) u'll wake up late in the afternoon :P, so much for d resolution made to wake up early in d morning and have healthy breakfast :P).

Ekceli, there is nothing wrong in having a NYR. If u managed to do it, good for u, if u fail, nevermind its not that bad, u r still dealing with urself and its never too late to make a change for the better anytime of the year.
As for me, I have dreams, i pray for the things i wish for and hope God bless.

To all, thank you for being here and there for me. It's been a bitter sweet year nonetheless a GREAT one. Thanx for d laughter, sweat and tears. Hope life brings nothing but happiness to ur doors.
Come 'ere 2006, Happy New Year everybody!

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Anyday but today

After the lovely weekend spent with family, kenduri and makan n makan n makan and sembang2 and wht nots, today am back to work with heavy heart. (I need to be detoxed so bad..). Its supposed to be a week to take leave, go for holidays and such, but here we are to face the Surveillance Audit by SIRIM, as if there're no other days available in 365 days of 2005.

Anyway, take the bull by its horns, n tht's wht we do. Waiting for the auditor to come is like a torture. Penantian satu penyeksaan and here i'm thinking of the upcoming weeknd, of the lovely things to be done tht i have in mind, new year, new possibilities, new hopes, experiences and chances. My mind is wandering uncontrolled.

Among the things i'm / was thinking to do b4 the year is over (not a new year resolution, not even a pre new year resolution, but if i manage to do all that, i might think of listing some others as a resolutions for 2006, hohoho ;) ):
- to subscribe to Screamyx ( they got some offer i heard)
- to upgrade Astro channel ( so much for hoping not to be a kentang sofa)
- to spend some vouchers tht i've b4 due
- to go to a Spa (in dire need of a massage due to lotsa thinking done for the past 24 hrs)
- to really clear the house and car off unwanted things ( they said librarians have this SBA 'sayang barang attitude') everything got sentimental value in it (e.g: some notes scribbled during boring meetings years ago, worst -- smses compiled / written s/where (owhhhh :P)

Few more days to go peeps, hoorraayy!

Dalam debaran aku menantimu
Adakah jodoh kita tersimpul untuk bertemu..

Menanti kedatangan Auditor :P

Friday, December 23, 2005

Main layang2 di Gurney Drive / CrushCalculator

Flying kites at Gurney Drive:Pic 1: After i picked up my bro last nite, we went for dinner at Tulang Corner di Tg. Tokong, and Anis joined us after her movie. The dinner was so-so, tapi sebab Anis belanja, rasanya tentulah sedap.. :D. This place was hit quite badly by Tsunami last year, memang tinggal tulang aje masa tu, but now dah bangkit kembali. Still, kesedapan dan harga.. we'd give an F oso..

Pic 2: At 10.15pm we all balik dan ingat nak lepak di Gurney Drive jap b4 we go home. Sampai situ angin punya lah best, jumpa Pakcik Morning (dia nampak aku terus ucap Morning walau hari malam, so i called him Pakcik Morning). Pakcik Morning jual layang-layang kecil yg shomell. Tapi harga nye RM3, we all kena tipu jugak sebab nampak ade org Cina jual yg besar sket dan kertas kilat2 for RM5. We all beli and mula lah main macam budak2.

Pic 3: Posing dgn my blue kite & basikal kecik yg shomell..

Pic 4: Me and Anis menayang layang2 we ols. My bro jadi photographer of the nite.

Pic 5: Tengah asyik menaikkan layang2, the feeling...hmmmm. Angin mesti kuat utk layang2 naik tinggi, tali kena control, tarik and lepas. Jgn bagi ekor tangle dengan tali if nak the kite fly steadily. Sama macam living life, to avoid prob, same approach. Being philosophical plak.

Pic 6: Anis naik atas batu tpt duduk, utk menjadi lebih tinggi, dan supaya layang2 dia naik lebih tinggi. Hellooo.. sexy lady. ;) Layang2 Anis memang steady. Syok ooo. Dia nyanyi lagu: 'i can see clearly now, the brain is gone' ---- :D sesuaiiii.. heheh.

Pic 7: Anis and bro tgh celen sape bleh naikkan layang2 lebih tinggi. Tapi in the end, layang2 Ban's the champion selepas Pakcik Morning tambah ekor kasi lagi powerr.

Kalau diikutkan hati dan angin tepi laut tu malam tadi, ade yg tak balik sampai pagi sebab tak ingat dunia main layang2. So pukul 12mlm we ol bertolak pulang. Esok kerja babes.. After New Year, we ol nak gi main layang2 lagi kat situ, ade ke sape2 nak join? Let's go fly kite ;)

CrushCalculator: Makcik skerr ramai yang buat quiz kat entri yang lepas. Ibarat tahan lukah di sungai, ikan masuk menderu2. :)) Jeng jeng jeng...Ada yang menggelabah lepas buat quiz, bila tengok statement: ur answers will go to me. Yes babes, ur right. It went directly to my mail box. :D. Oooo, si polan bin si polan tu crush korang yer? Siap ade 2-3 crush lagik. Hohoho.. Tak henti2 gelak. Siap letak bin and binti lagi nama depa ye...kwang kwang kwang :)). Don't worry la, ur secret's safe with me *wink*. Bagi yg letak nama who they've crush on, and dah jadi husband and wife, i nak ucapkan semoga berbahagia ke anak cucu, bagi yg tengah rancak bertenet, ber sms, jgn sampai burung ditangan lepas lari ... (gelak lagi), bagi yg masih tengah berangan2 nak approach ke tidak ke 'si dia' iteww.. sendiri mau hengatlahh kan, masukkanlah dalam azam tahun baru ke, SKT tahun depan ke... Makcik rest my case, occay.
Ahhh... seronoknye, hiks!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Craven cafe

After watching Chronicles of Narnia last nite, we had a joy ride, me and Anis drove to Tg. Bungah to lepak at Craven cafe. Bila nak order baru perasan, the name written on the menu has changed to MAHALOS. To our surprise, Craven Cafe rupanye dah bungkus. Don't know when, coz i've not been there since last Ramadhan or so i guess. Now the cafe's name is Mahalos, serving Western food with Hawaiian theme. Last i heard, they've closed Craven cafe at Pulau Tikus and the one operating is only at Tg. Bungah. Nampaknye tidak bertahan lama. So there goes another lepak place of ours.

Craven ni best sebab d place is cozy, open air, mengadap jalan raya yg boleh nampak laut. Food dia pun sedap, ada nasi kandar ade western food. Was introduced to it by H and have been a regular of some sort ever since. Chatted there, laughed there, cried there.. eh ade ke? heheh. In short, the place got memories ler.

Last nite we ordered nasi goreng yg dikatakan special. It was served on a veryyyyyy big white plate. Me kongsi sama Anis. They still have teh tarik, but rasa dia.. euuuww, pakai creamer, tak sedap langsung and my tummy feel funny this morn. For that i give an F. The bill came and nasi goreng costs RM10, phewww. Anis said something abt tht'll be the last time she's there and i think she gave it an F oso since its so MAHALos...

Here's a link that provides a funny test on your loved ones and its worth trying... and fun too. Wont take much of ur time.. sejak akhir2 ni suka lak buat quiz ngada2 nih hehehe..

Monday, December 19, 2005

Blogthang - biskut manis kaler2

Pernah makan biskut ni? A offered us tadi, me and A. Biskut ni dari zaman aku kecik2 dulu dah ade, sampai la sekarang. Biskut ini sangatlah power kerana bila memakannya, kita akan rasa macam budak2 semula, marvelling at its uniqueness in color, shape and taste. Teringat zaman dolu2. Its like bila kita terbau perfume, satu2 bau akan mengingatkan kita pada satu2 masa dan ketika. The same thing happened when we listen to a song, it'll take us back to the time when ... Begitulah rasanye bila makan biskut ni.

I got to notice tht the way we eat the biscuits, reflects how we are or lebih tepat lagi how we approach life.Wooowww..deep :)) it could be wrong la kan.. nevertheless its an interesting observation. *wink* For fun, here goes:

A: Makan gula yg atas dulu, baru makan biskut.

A: Makan biskut dulu, buang gula.

Me: Makan sekali biskut dan gula.


A: Like to enjoy the sweetest thing, moment in life first. Like anything sweet and colorful. Could be looking for sweetest gal ever exist oso. Always being sweet himself, appears charming and therefore berjaya memikat hati kebanyakan librarian wanita veteran, separa veteran dan belum veteran. Adakah ini rahsia 'awet manis' anda, Suka makan biskut manis kaler2? :D

A: Like to deprived herself from some of the nicest things in life yang we think she should be enjoying or fantasizing more. U can be so sweet, jadi jgnlah kamu buang 'gula' itu, use it as a charm and i tell u sure banyak semut merah akan datang. :D

Me: Like to take all in then balance it out. Enjoy the different feelings we experience which life brings. Still, too much of something but love is not good eh. Too much sugar got me high!

Do u like the biscuit? Tell me how u eat it and i'll tell u what U are. (**matilah

Yours truly,
Psychologist lapuk

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

SKT @ Sakit Kepala Tau

End of the year, come the evaluation. Time sumer org pening kepala dan tak cukup nafas. Khusyuk buat SKT ( sasaran keje tahunan) kalah buat keje; suasana jadi sunyi dari biasa. Especially the officers. Tension aje. Contoh tension: sampai boleh lupa petang semalam makan ke tidak.
Have to count percentage kuantiti hasil kerja + kualiti + masa+ hasil+ kebolehan mengelola + disiplin + proaktif & innovatif blah blaa.. /50 x 55, /20 x 25 &^%$*^^&@^. Kali ni i have to evaluate 5 org sekali. Jenuh.

Tips on how to avoid tension and appear looking happy while writing the report:

1) Listen to the radio. If ade radio la, jgn harap pada radio Dewa Keramat yang abis bateri/rosak tu, tukar lah kepada Real Player ( Radja - Jujur), if not pasang lah watever CD. Cuba la nyanyi sekali utk hiburkan hati.

2) Jokes. Cuba bergurau senda dengan staf or colleaques, eventho u feel like u want to cry rather than laugh time tu.

3) Flirt. If ur boyfriend/ girlfriend is online, keep the conversation light and easy, don't merajuk2 time nih coz it only adds up to ur 'tensionness'. If possible, buat manja2, gelak ketawa riang ria, plan nak pesta New Year ke ape, nak pegi makan ais krim kat mana. It works i tell u...

4) Eat. Take ur breakfast and ur lunch or brunch. Lauk kena sedap. If tak sedap alamat muka pun tambah kelat. Kalau lauk sedap, perut kenyang, hati lapang, senang aje rasa nak write the report. If tak, sure rasa nak makan orang!

5) Interview. Meet ur staffs a day b4 u write the report so that u don't feel sesak dada sebab kena sembur dengan staf yang kekwat. Tu kalau dpt staf yg kaki menjawab. Tapi if kena puji saje, buat 5 mins after pun ok.

6) Time. Don't do it last minute. If u have to evaluate 2 staffs only, fine la..but if last minute u r asked to evaluate 5 staffs??? Haa.. alamat ayat dalam repot pun sama aja: prestasi staf ini amat memuaskan / tidak memuaskan hati langsung i wish i could get him fired ...bla bla bla..
Tapi biasa nye memang last minute punya kes jugak jadinya.. so try to get used to it. Any mantra can be recited to keep cool. * Haji ANifa, Haji ANifa, Haji ANifa* for example can make u feel relief. *wink*

That's all folks, happy eskayteeing!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I'm like a bird

Lampu bilik aku rosak last Sunday nite, kejap nyala kejap padam. I was doing some spring cleaning in the room and kept the mirrored cupboard door open. Kuar masuk bilik, and then once when i wanted to enter the room, i was so shocked to find 1 image standing infront of me. Maaaaaaakk, i screamed on top of my lungs. And then i realized ... Cis, it's me looking back from the mirror. I laughed at myself. Mujurlah aku, kalau org lain atau bende lain? Phewww..

Perlukah takut pada bayang-bayang sendiri when its our own reflections tht we see?

There's a story I used to tell the students masa aku keje cikgu sementara dulu, to motivate them. About sekumpulan burung yang diberitahu tentang cermin ajaib yang ada nun di satu tempat yang jauh. If nak pegi kena melalui berbagai halangan, cubaan dan rintangan, mungkin juga mati di tengah jalan. Tapi sesiapa yang dapat melihat cermin itu, pasti melihat sesuatu yang menakjubkan. So, burung2 semua bersemangat nak pegi, nak terbang jauh untuk melihat objek ajaib dalam cermin. Maka pada suatu hari, berterbangan lah mereka, as if its the change of a season untuk pergi ke tempat cermin ajaib. Dalam perjalanan yang jauh, burung2 telah keletihan, telah hilang semangat, telah marah2, telah gaduh2, telah disangka mereka ditipu, ada yang berpatah balik, ada yang sakit lalu mati. Tapi ada seekor burung yang percaya dengan wujudnya cermin ajaib, jadi dia terbang slow and steady, merentasi gunung ganang, lautan, sungai dan rimba banat. Dan pada suatu hari, burung ni pun sampai dekat gua dimana terletaknya cermin ajaib tu. Keadaan burung ni pun dah kurang cun, kire dah macam bulu tangkis yang dah kena smash beratus kali, letih dan lapar. Burung ni masuk kedalam gua utk melihat cermin tersebut. Sesampainya dia didepan cermin itu, dia pun pandang lah cermin yang dikatakan ajaib itu. Apa yang dia nampak adalah dirinya sendiri. Dia pun segera teringat akan kata2 sebelum mereka semua terbang: cermin itu akan memaparkan sesuatu yang menakjubkan. Burung itu pun slowly mula sedar, bahawa DIA lah keajaiban dan objek yang menakjubkan itu. Keupayaan dia melalui sumer dugaan telah memungkin dirinya menjadi satu2nya burung yg dpt melihat cermin ajaib, melihat kekuatan dirinya sendiri yang tidak diketahuinya selama ini. Dia berasa amatlah bangga.

Sekianlah sajer adik2 cerita burung dan cermin ajaib. Sila tepuk tangan :)

As i'm writing this, i'm feeling a little something. Its not a mirror that i want to see. Umm... Never mind.

A bird gotta fly anyway.

Friday, December 09, 2005

The world of Mags maniac

I love to read magazines. There're times tht i spend a lot to buy them, be it locals or overseas. And i learned a lot too *wink*, so its not wasting money i'd say even at those times. But i don't buy la URTV, Mangga ape bende ntah lagi tu. I was banned from buying all those by my bro when i was 14 ke 15. And when he said that, i pun realized, i didnt get anything out of it after i finished reading, which didnt take tht long pun.

Somewhere in year 2000, i stopped buying mags for a year coz i tot i've become an addict, a maniac. But then i came to Penang, staying alone, bored, so the habit's back again, only this time, i do it wisely. Till now, i have a lot of mags at home, dah tak tau mana nak letak. Lately my passion is for Traverama. Light, informative, M'sian travel magazines about where and about of places and activities or festivities in M'sia. As for woman magazine, i buy Women's Weekly and have not been reading Cleo for quite sometime now. Age factor? Maybe. Macam la tua sangat aku nih.. Last week i bought M'sia 's first Cosmopolitan. To me its a shame, so much for the artists to compliment that its finally in M'sia.The edition is boring with "wanna be" kinda issues and writing. The writing in BM looks like its directly translated words of the English version. Euww.. so fakee ! I dont think i'm going to buy the 2nd issue.

Tadi was at the Bkt Jambul complex and while waiting for a friend to pick us back to the office, i noticed 2 magazines at the newspaper stall. One has this issue in it : What your tongue reveal about you? Wow.. i didnt know tht the tongue can reveal anything abt a person till just now. Didn't have time to read the article tho'. **matilah Psychologist. And another one: Cara untuk memulihkan perhubungan : hanya 3 minit! Wahhh.. so easy meh? If its so easy, why some people have to do a press conference abt it?


Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Harapkan panas hingga ke petang, janganlah hujan ditgh hari

Mendung, hujan dan sejuk selalu buat hati jadi sayu, pilu, mengenang, bla bla.. kan? Tu yang sampai dua entri yang lepas ada lagu aje. Org pun tanak komen. Boring. Tapi hari ni, dah takmo dah jiwang2 walau kat luar masih hujan dan mendung. After the rain the sun will shine again.. dont u think?


1) Aircond yang amat mendingin bekukan di opis ini tengah di selenggara. Ohh .. i likeee bila aircond tak functioning. Yabedabeduuuu.

2) 2 -3 hari ni ramai org bagi coklat, atau kek coklat. Celebration mood i guess. Masing2 nak go for holiday, looking forward to a New year.. etc. Got this chocolate from Mr. Byrne, cute kan bentuk bear. Nak makan pun sayang, but food is food la babe. Me gigit its ear first.

3) Aku dah settlekan meeting 1st projek yg bos suh buat. B4 meeting bos came to see me, she asked whether i'm the representative Relation Officer for Art School (bukan Gro ye..), i said yes. Then, she said she's sending me to attend this one seminar kat UKM. I said ok. Layannnn... je la kan. Hotel ape yang dekat ngan UKM?? Hmm.. Bila i got the letter, i got to know that its a Pesta Adat Perpatih & Masakan Negeri Sembilan with paper presentations / wacana berbagai. Hehehe... siapa bilang jadi librarian tak menawan, tak menarik hati tiada memikat. Eh.. tersilap lirik lagu plak ;D.

Life is good Ban, life is good.. believe me.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Only you

Pandangan dari bilik disuatu hari Ahad sewaktu hujan turun dengan lebat.

Only you - Flying Pickets
Looking from a window above
It's like a story of love
Can you hear me.
Came back only yesterday
Moving further away
Want you near me.

All I needed was the love you gave
All I needed for another day
All I ever knew
Only you

Sometimes when I think of your name
And it's only a game
And I need you
Listening to the words that you say
Getting harder to stay
When i see you

All i needed was the love you gave
All i needed for another day
All i ever knew
Only you

This is gonna take a long time
And I wonder what's mine
Can't take no more
Wonder if you'll understand
It's just the touch of your hand
Behind a closed door

Monday, December 05, 2005

Here without you

Adakah saya diingati? I used to wonder abt that. Sometimes some people u know along the way can really leave an impression, a trace of memories remembered sometimes, a hope associated with him/her, a friendship rekindled years after..

Here Without You - 3 Doors Down

A hundred days have made me older
Since the last time that i saw your pretty face
A thousand lights have made me colder
And i don't think i can look at this the same
But all these miles that had separate
Disappear now when i'm dreaming of your face

I'm here without you baby
But you're still on my lonely mind
I think about you baby
And i dream about you all the time
I'm here without you baby
But you're still with me in my dreams
And tonight it's only you and me

The miles just keep rollin'
As the people leave their way to say hello
I've heard this life was overrated
But i hope that it gets better as we go

I'm here without you baby
But you're still on my lonely mind
I think about you baby
And i dream about you all the time
I'm here without you baby
But you're still with me in my dreams
And tonight girl its only you and me

Everything i know, and anywhere i go
It gets hard but it wont take away my love
And when the last one falls
When it's all said and done
It gets hard but it wont take away my love

Friday, December 02, 2005

Master of ceremony

Here goes.. i was appointed to be the MC for 2 dinners during the Asean Univ. Network library comittee meeting but at the very last minute i was told to be the MC for the whole sesion of 3 days + dinners. Tension tapi buat jugak ler. Prepared the text, went to the hotel the nite before and rehearsed. Came back home almost morning. During the day itself, still lots of sudden changes to be made to the VIP list, salutations bla bla .. Erghh!

The ceremony went well, thank God. Colleaques complimented me, my boss said i sound so French when i pronounced the word Foyer. Some make it big on how i managed to pronounce the Executive Director's name from Thailand. Of course, i practiced it la kan...Me watch Thai drama these days ler, so it helps on how to get the tone right ;) . Ade gak yg got goose bump dengar i speak English kali nih.. hahah tu yg mahal skali tuu. Anyway.. after that it was papers presentation sessions and the meeting. Opening dinner was on the very nite too. Sumernye ok.. no complain. Presiden IFLA personally complimented me for doing a good job in announcing, woooooooooooo :D. Menu: Chinese food.. euwww not my taste.

2nd day, same stories, annoucement made for the sessions. Malam dapat lah lepak sikit watching favourite Thai drama - Pring kat Astro Prima ( dah mula hooked dah ni..) and tido awal tapi tak lena. Tense sungguh rasa bahu dan tengkuk. Wish i have a tukang urut je time nih. 3rd day is libraries visit. Went to Engineering Campus library in the morning. Petang ada lawatan lagi but i didnt go, penat + maleh + nak prepare skrip for closing dinner.

Last nite was the closing dinner. Tak sabar sangat for it to be over. Lepas selesai semuanya, b4 balik, we all salam2. Delegate from Philippines complimented me for doing a great job and wish she could ask me to come over to Philippines if there is any function kat situ.. heheh. One Singaporean asked me : "U got butterflies in ur tummy or not?" I said, yes a lottt of them. She said, she wouldn't have guessed it coz i looked so calm. Hahaha..andainya kau tahu.

Banyak pahit manisnye experience kali ni. B4 i did it, i was so worried i wont be able to do it well. Now, after its done, i feel so relieved. I made few improvements this time. Yang best nye, finally i managed to convice some people who thought i couldn't and yesterday i got the recognition from this one person, who finally said, "now R will be the permanent library emcee, she can put it in her SKT". Of coz she's not my boss la kan, but nevertheless, its nice to finally hear compliment and approval from her. Tenkiu to Anis and Asma sebab sanggup meneman sampai tido2 kat Ballroom time rehearsal. But sorry couldn't ask u to join the dinner yg ramai tidak hadirkan diri itteww. ;)